MMAI NFT sale of the PureWorld metaverse

Bringing real world business to the virtual world

Metaverse - the new way to Internet

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

- Mark Twain

Metaverse, what is it?

In the simplest term it is the next internet with an exciting new immersive experience. But unlike the current internet the metaverse is decentralized plus it can be whatever people’s imaginations can dream it to be. It can be used for socializing, eCommerce, gaming, education/training, advertising/marketing, entertainment, and a gateway to completely different digital experiences. The metaverse is a revolutionary technology that is a significant opportunity.  

On a more technical sense the metaverse has a wide spectrum of contributors, synchronous persistence, a working digital economy, existence outside of the physical realm, and unparalleled interoperability are of the key elements. In reality, it is a very realistic, collaborative virtual world where users will create and customize interactive identities and digital commodities. Combining the words “meta” (beyond) and “verse” (universe), the term “metaverse” refers to the next-generation Internet, where a three-dimensional virtual copy of the world is going to be created. People have already begun purchasing real estate, building houses virtually, and spending money there.

MMAI PureWorld

MMAI PureWorld is made for socialization, entertainment, investment, gaming, entrepreneurs, educators, tech junkies, but it’s major focus is on bringing real world business to the virtual world. Our metaverse, based on MMAIs proprietary innovative technologies, allows you to invest in commercial property to collaboratively create unique areas for engagement with your audience. These environments can be bought, owned, sold, and customized to your liking. Tell the story of your product with MMAIs second to none 3D graphics powered by unreal engine 5. The MMAI PureWorld is aimed at partnering with you, our investors, to offer turn-key solutions for increased reach and profitability. Promote your brand on our state-of-the-art digital billboards for product placement and increased engagement on Web3.

Since our metaverse is a virtual representation of the natural world, it will include the same features as the real world, including meta-humans, meta- places, service providers, business organizations, applications, social networks, etc.

Utility Currency

MMAI token is the utility currency of PureWorld which is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain that will let users pay for many of the goods and services in the virtual world.

PureWorld's NFT Sale

The PureWorld NFT sale is an opportunity for you to invest and get in on the ground floor of the first metaverse aimed at eCommerce and business. Consumer behavior has largely shifted toward adopting digital personas, and this is your chance to engage them with us as your solution provider. Forbes reported that the metaverse will grow significantly over the next three years and offer a profit of over 1 trillion dollars. As real-life experiences are increasingly becoming more and more embedded with online elements show real potential for sales opportunities in the metaverse. So join the fun and jump into the next exciting channel, our tech will assist you as you try it out and find new opportunities within our virtual world.

Who is MMAI?

MMAI is a tech company with focus on metaverse and web3 technologies. It has partnered with 3 university research labs which are the backbone with their philosophy of research first and then developing real and virtual world solutions. MMAI in September released the first of its kind wallet dubbed PureWallet. The PureWallet is the only wallet on the market that can make offline crypto payments plus it offers off-chain cold storage without any additional hardware required. It is also a payment gateway that will bridge web2 & web3 tech to help eCommerce companies adopt and transition to web3.

MMAI is focused on building an ecosystem that is aimed at eCommerce and business to provide a full turn-key solution to engage in web3. The second installment of the MMAI ecosystem is the PureWorld metaverse. With the 3rd installment being our layer-two solution due to be released in mid 2023. This ecosystem will help all of our early adopters to see true potential ROI in their investments.

PureWorld Technology

The PureWorld metaverse is a platform that is developed in 5 categories; enabling platforms, content platforms, human-centered platforms, utility platforms, and application platforms. Enabling platforms include operation systems, app stores, real-time mapping, and cloud rendering which will make up our core system software. Content platforms are 3D content creation, management, and access to those contents within the metaverse. Human centered platform focus is related to meta-humans representation. Utility emphasizes tools that allow applications and infrastructure, such as new algorithms, search engines, etc.

Blockchain Usage

In general, blockchain is defined as a digital ledger that contains a list of recorded transactions and tracked assets interconnected in a business network by using cryptography techniques. Blockchain can provide immediate, shared, and transparent information stored in an immutable and impenetrable ledger which can be accessed by only the network members with permission. A typical blockchain network can track orders, payments, accounts, and other transactions. In the MMAI PureWorld, three of the most vital blockchain functions are repository, economic, and security/accessibility.  

One, the blockchain, acts as a repository, allowing users to store data across the virtual world. The other benefit of blockchain is that it can create a full economic system for connecting the metaverse’s virtual world with the actual one. In particular, NFTs enable the transformation of virtual products into physical assets. Similar to trading in the real world, users are permitted to exchange virtual goods. In this way, blockchain connects the physical world to the virtual metaverse. The third benefit of blockchain technology provides for a combination of public and private blockchains, as well as a variety of customization possibilities. These include allowing everyone to access the permissioned network after proper identity verification, as well as assigning select and specified permissions to perform only specific network operations. Additionally, the security of virtual asset transactions is provided through smart contracts.

Role of AI

PureWorld will merge many advanced technologies to bring a 3D immersive experience to users. AI, machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) have a silent but important role in that foundation and development. We are developing AI-powered approaches in six technical aspects, natural language processing, machine vision, blockchain, networking, digital twin (DT), and neural interface which show great potential for the metaverse.  

Most of the current metaverse projects limit users to explore, own, and customize things themselves in the virtual world. But the role of AI in MMAI PureWorld will help resolve this. Virtual employee assistants powered by conversational AI can serve many specific purposes of multi-level philosophical conversations to enhance user interactive experience. Conversational AI with a processing flow is a set of technologies (eg automatic speech recognition, language processing, advanced dialog management, and ML) that can offer human-like interactions in the metaverse based on recognizing speech and text, understanding intention, deciphering various languages, and responding with human-mimicking conversations over voice modality.

Interconnecting Web2 & Web3

The MMAI PureWorld is looking to develop a new technology dubbed Web-Inside-Web (WIW). Which looks to solve how users will need to seek information, virtually move between locations, and explore websites, just like in the real world. Our WIW utility software will show websites, transfer metahumans from one location to another, and make connections among metahumans from different metaverse locations combined with blockchain.  

We propose every user inside our metaverse can access the website by utilizing the WIW as a browser. The WIW can be used to search for metahumans and contact or meet upon consent. The blockchain smart contract will manage the link between individuals.  

The metaverse is a virtual world with many types of facilities for businesses, product showcases, entertainment attractions, recreation facilities, non-governmental organizations, etc. Some of these locations and showcases may have entry requirements. In the case of a restricted location or showcase, a blockchain smart contract can authenticate privacy and access level.


The metaverse is not a substitute for the real world but it allows free movement between the virtual and physical worlds, expanding our experiences. The metaverse as it transitions to bring real world business into the virtual world is poised to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030. The impact on personal and business lives are simply too big to be ignored. As Mark Twain so boldly said "...So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails." Come, join us, explore and pioneer PureWorld!